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VirtualScopics, LLC

Jan. 29th, 2003

Provider of advanced image-based biomarker analytic technology and services to leading pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer and Amgen.

Brilliant Optical Networks

Jan. 29th, 2003

Commercializing an emerging method of communications networking that simplifies and radically cost reduces today's multiple-layer networks into a single multiple-service network. 

Synctomi Software

Sept. 17th, 2002

Manages access to enterprise applications via a web browser, while "securing" communications via a patent pending method of data exchange called "Session Management". 

Weather Holdings, LLC

Sept. 17th, 2002

Provides LIVE weather data and robotic WeatherCams under an exclusive contract with AccuWeather, Inc.

Affinity Express Inc.

June 5th, 2002

For almost 80 years, Affinity Express's predecessor and its affiliates have produced competitively priced, high quality custom logo products - both designs and hard goods - for affinity groups and corporations around the world.

Convergence Datacom LLC

June 5th, 2002

Builds and sells a single device that gives small businesses tremendous computer networking power. Benefits include the ability to collaboratively share work documents, share office printers, send and receive email, host the company web site, and access work files securely from home.

Clearwire Equipment, LLC

April 17th, 2002

Provides fixed wireless network equipment for broadband connectivity within a metropolitan area for applications such as high speed Internet access, lottery, university and other data services.

PakHound, Inc.

April 17th, 2002

Provides high volume, small package shippers with a web-based service to track and obtain refunds on delayed shipments.

Microlanguage LLC

Feb. 6th, 2002

Designs, develops, and sells patent-pending human language processing software that is integrated with content retrieval and management systems; voice recognition platforms; and database platforms to dramatically increase functionality. 

iDashes, Inc.

Feb. 6th, 2002

Improves results by providing the most innovative, easy-to-use online performance management solutions to executives of mid-sized organizations.

Enercom Ltd.

Dec. 12th, 2001

Markets and implements an Energy Enterprise Management (EEM) system that enables private companies and institutions to lower their overall energy expenses, and take advantage of opportunities in deregulated energy markets. 

Stemgenix LLC

Dec. 12th, 2001

Develop, manufacture and market specialized media necessary for the isolation, propagation and manipulation of stem cells and specialized immune cells for research and clinical applications.


Sept. 19th, 2001

A MasterCard debit card that gives plan participants the ability to pay for mass transit and parking expenses with pre-tax money, saving them up to 50%.

Network Security Corp.

Sept. 19th, 2001

Markets comprehensive managed network security services and resells network security products to businesses primarily in the U.S. and Canada.

ACEN - American Construction Exchange Network, Inc.

June 6th, 2001

An information technology company devoted to the construction industry. contains an expertise locator and five, 2-way exchanges tailored to the needs of the construction industry.

Harvest Precision Components

June 6th, 2001

A start-up ceramic component manufacturing company. Harvest's patented technology manufactures precision, high volume injected molded parts using a proprietary EDM finishing process.

Airbag Testing Technology, Inc.

April 4th, 2001

Developed proprietary technology (patents pending) to scientifically test and re-certify recycled, automotive original equipment (OE) airbags.

WorldWebDex Corporation

April 4th, 2001

WorldWebDex has developed an Internet Directory tool that organizes the web in a familiar, easy-to-use format. Structured similarly to printed yellow pages, WorldWebDex's Internet Directory lists and advertises commercial Internet sites alphabetically according to category.

Student Voice (formerly TRIAD College Market Research Group)

Feb. 14th, 2001

Created in 1999 to gather consumer research exclusively from college students while utilizing emerging technology to obtain the most accurate, efficient results for the company's clients. 


Feb. 14th, 2001

Aims to become the leading application service provider (ASP) for the traditional grocery store industry. During its initial stage of development, the company will focus on revenue-enhancing solutions for traditional grocers and outsourcing of their IT activities.

University at Buffalo Technology Transfer & Licensing

Feb. 14th, 2001

Specializes in licensing the university's patent portfolio and intellectual property to the private sector. UB technologies generate new products, improve processes and help businesses grow and become more profitable.

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