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WNYVA Forum - September 13, 2017

Wed Sep 13th, 2017 - 7:30 to 9 am
At The Buffalo Club - 388 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, NY
Networking for entrepreneurs, investors & business professionals



 Company Presentation Forum



Wednesday, September 13, 2017



Buffalo Club

388 Delaware Avenue

Buffalo, NY

(Business Attire Required)

7:30 - 8:00 AM

8:00 - 8:15 AM

8:15 - 9:00 AM

Registration, Continental Breakfast, Informal Networking

Announcements, Attendee Self-Introductions, One Minute Presenters

Business Plan Presentations and Audience Critique



Presentations contain general information about the presenting companies and are for educational and networking purposes only. Presentations do not include information or discussion of any fundraising or offering of securities.


AKE' Games - Bottle-Bullseye  - Steve Witt, CEO

     Yard & Board Games capture a large portion of the $745 Billion spent each year on leisure-time activities in the US.  Parents & Millennials desire to replace mobile device screen activity and console games with something else to reduce screen time.  AKE Games will quicklyarm people of all ages with games that build on the latest fad activities. 

     The 1st product takes the puzzling but addicting activity known as free-style bottle-flipping, and turns it into a competitive indoor & outdoor game that Anyone can play Almost Anywhere!  Parents, Schools, College Students & Tailgaters will instantly recognize the main activity (bottle-flipping) and the Dart-like game play will make the transition from mindless but mildly addictive activity to competitive & social GAME easy.

     AKE' Games' business model takes the best from yard-game successes like Kan-Jam & Spikeball & combines them with a campaign model similar to Pok√©mon GO.  The "Anywhere" component of the games design will help to ensure that it is not limited by seasonal business cycles and can be played year-round.  Development started in late November of 2016 and the product launched in late May of 2017. Future products (i.e. fidget & spinner based games) are already being brought to market much faster as AKE Games gains experience and develops closer relationships with key suppliers.

     AKE Games continues to build on an impressive launch and is aggressively pursuing sales into Toy & Sporting Goods retail to gain the confidence of consumers needed to drive the Social Media driven online sales model.  Details on the game can be found at and on facebook and youtube.

RepHike - Shasank Roy, CEO

     With the rise of systematic ad-blockers and ad-free services like Netflix & Spotify it's harder than ever for companies to reach out to the millennials and college students. 87% of the college students don't respond to ads and 93% of the college students buy products that are recommended by their friends, family, or colleagues. Brands tap this student market because these students spend $250 billion every year on discretionary items. Therefore, brands these days hire "micro-influencers" on college campuses who have significant following on social media (called campus reps or campus ambassadors) to promote their products in an authentic manner. These companies however use multiple tools like email and spreadsheets to manage their campus rep programs which limits their ability to scale their campus marketing programs.

     RepHike helps companies to turn these students' online network into their referral and word-of-mouth marketing channel while giving them the ability to scale to thousands of campuses across the US. Companies can hire ready-to-go campus rep teams, assign tasks, and track their performance and also automate compensation using just a single platform. We're helping brands not only to be more dollar efficient but also to scale their campus marketing efforts and get better returns on their marketing spend. Please visit for more information.


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