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Collectors Proof, Inc.

March 21st 2012 : Mike Dawidowicz, VP Technology & Teo Balbach, Board Member & Strategic Advisor is an on-line registry of collectible and trade items and their past and current owners to establish and support authenticity.

Collectors appreciate this patent-pending innovation, the enhanced authenticity it creates, and the enjoyment of sharing their collections through their own online galleries. Sports teams, celebrities, artisans and high-end trade goods manufacturers benefit by enabling any fan with a web-enabled device to avoid buying fake products. These same "originators" can more effectively market their products due to the post-purchase dialog created when ownership changes are tracked. was formally launched in 2010 and has more than 3,000 domestic and international members among originators, dealers and collectors of memorabilia. This growing member base includes the Buffalo Bills & Sabres. The market is large, with more than 100 million collectors worldwide. FBI statistics show that 50% of the products sold in the $4B per year global memorabilia market are counterfeit.

CollectorsProof generates revenue through transaction fees, brokering of appraisal services, advertising and the sale of badges to prove authenticity. Company founders have previous experience starting and selling technology companies and have provided the initial $300,000 of seed capital. Collector's Proof is seeking an additional $500,000 to fund increased sales and marketing and additional technical development.


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