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September 13, 2023: Kevin Siskar, CEO & Co-founder

Finta helps companies raise money. We are a fundraising copilot automating the capital raising workflow from start to finish for early-stage startup founders. 


May 10, 2023: Debora LaBudde, Founder & CEO

MEMO is driving the next generation of fintech & ecommerce. MEMO is the leading Try-Now-Buy-Later (TNBL) platform provider leveraging a market advantage in premium & luxury goods.


May 10, 2023: John Kappel, Founder & President

GMetric (which has acquired Innosek) is a trusted outsourcing partner for specialty high-volume additive manufacturing.


March 8, 2023: Reagan Bonlie, Founder & CEO

NUDGE is committed to solving financial wellness inefficiencies with deep tech. The product is a client-centric financial planning technology that empowers customers to take control of the process. It bridges the technology gaps and use AI/ML to automate the analysis and enhance client engagement.

Dalorum Corp.

March 8, 2023: Max Brie, Founder & CEO

Dalorum is the first and only online community built exclusively for college athletes, offering a comprehensive range of resources, content, and promotions to support their personal and professional growth.


January 11, 2023: David Gonzalez & Favio Osorio, Co-Founders

Arbol is a financial wellness platform that empowers colleges to build financially capable and resilient students.


January 11, 2023: Jeff McCormack, Co-Founder & CEO

Iryss' vision is to create a platform that offers EVERYONE equitable access to a future without financial fear.

Peeva, Inc.

November 9, 2022: Michael Hamilton, Founder & CEO

Peeva is the first and only universal pet microchip identification system, central microchip registry, and unified database of electronic medical records for pets.

Circle Optics, Inc.

November 9, 2022: Zak Niazi, CEO

Circle Optics has developed the world's first distortion-free panoramic camera. 


September 14, 2022: Simon Mahfoud, Nicholas Giambra & Matthew Brigante, Founders
Avvie is an online real estate platform for agents to submit, accept, and manage all their offers in one platform. 


September 14, 2022: Jack Sardinia, Co-founder/CEO

Over 30% of gift cards are never redeemed.  Americans are holding on to over $21B in unused gift cards.  Corporations send out millions in gift cards to customers and prospects with no insight into whether those gift cards were redeemed or how much of their gifting budget was wasted.  Favordrop solves this problem.  

Jib Sheet

May 11, 2022: David Franco, Founding Partner & CEO

Jib Sheet offers best-in-class Graphic design, website development and copywriting services at a fraction of the cost charged by traditional agencies by connecting businesses and pre-vetted freelance creatives.

Revival: Pharm. Lab. Market

May 11, 2022: Armond June & Charles Paglione, Co-founders

Revival plans to be the first minority, physician-led cannabis microbusiness in Western New York.

Paradigm of NY, LLC

March 9, 2022: John Erblad, Founder/CEO

 Paradigm designs and manufactures diesel emissions controls which decarbonize diesel emissions. 


March 9, 2022: Benjamin Zombek, Founder/CEO

KHIO by Prolivio is a hyper cooling wearable headband for individuals suffering from migraines that are looking for on-the-go cooling therapy and to gain a better understanding of their condition.

wellconnected, LLC

January 12, 2022: Duane Conners, Co-founder
wellconnected is a purpose driven organization that utilizes innovative technology to enable Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to cross-collaborate on an entirely new level.


January 12, 2022: Adam Utley, PhD, Founder

Immunaeon is a Buffalo-based patient advocacy organization that provides educational resources about the growing applications of immunotherapy for patients and their families. The Company is also building an infrastructure to store cells that make up a person's immune system for future use against potentially life-threatening illnesses.


November 10, 2021: Steve Ambrose, Founder & CEO

appétit is the restaurant ordering and delivery platform that is turning the industry on its head. We bring easy ordering, content rich restaurant profiles, and local delivery fulfillment to the Western New York market and eventually, across the nation.


November 10, 2021: Favio Osorio and David Gonzalez, Co-founders

 Arbol is a two-sided market network that uses technology, finance, and the power of the crowd to enable striving Students of low socioeconomic backgrounds to obtain the financial and community support they need by connecting them with their biggest supporters online.


September 15, 2021: Toby Butler, Chair & CEO and Dorian Cromwell, Co-Chair & COO

 The Dipit® Brand Condiment Caddy provides individuals with a convenient and cleaner method of enjoying a variety of finger foods.

Packhouse Technology Solutions

Dominic Myers & Ron Brown, Co-Founders

 Packhouse Technology Solutions is a company dedicated to the safe handling of difficult to convey perishable materials such as produce and processed foods.

Mentor Deck

May 12, 2021: Jonathan Gorczyca, Founder

 Mentor Deck is a Buffalo based software company that's created the world's leading platform for organizing, connecting, scheduling and measuring the quality of mentor networks.


March 17, 2021: Dr. Dan Rifkin, Founder/CEO & Greg Ross, Chief Operating Officer

 Ognomy is the first telemedicine/virtual practice tool to entirely shift the diagnosis and care of sleep apnea from a clinical setting to the home, by removing the need for overnight stays at sleep centers through home-based sleep tests and virtual consultations, saving patients both time and money.


March 17, 2021: Emmily Bowman, Founder & CEO

 Braidbabes is a woman-owned mobile braiding company that creates high-quality custom braids on demand at the customer's location.

Ellicottville Greens

January 27, 2021 - Gabriel Bialkowski - Founder & Manager

 Ellicottville Greens is an early-revenue indoor vertical (and mobile) farming company based in Buffalo, NY that produces high-quality, organic, chemical-free leafy green vegetables (currently lettuce, basil, and microgreens) year-round in repurposed shipping containers. 

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