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Stylehopper Inc.

April 13th, 2011 : Bart Lipski, CEO and Co-Founder is Canada's only high-end lifestyle and fashion e-boutique. Saks Fifth Avenue type brands and 5 star city deals at up to 80% off. Stylehopper presents a new way to shop - a sophisticated evolution of the established off-price retail model. The company leverages its direct relationships and agreements with 100's of top designer brands in the US and discretely helps its brand partners liquidate this inventory to a members-only audience north of the border (thereby preventing brand dilution in the US).

Stylehopper addresses the distribution gap and makes top brands readily available Canada wide (45% of members are in rural Canada). It also makes these aspirational products price accessible to a market otherwise not able to purchase at full price.

Stylehopper presents an opportunity to get in early in a proven and fast growth market - compared to US / Europe, Canada is relatively void of competition.

Since launch (Nov 19th 2010), Stylehopper has gained excellent traction:

-Rapid and increasing growth with no formal marketing: 0 to 8000 members with exceptional engagement

-Direct relationships with 100s of top designer brands

-Long term strategic partnerships with Virgin Mobile Canada and Stella Artois

The company is currently looking to secure seed funding for an amount of $350k. Stylehopper invites you to take a look at its site.


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