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The Floral POS, LLC

April 13th, 2011 : Timothy B. Bell, CEO

The Floral POS, LLC (TFPOS) is the developer of a unique floral management and Point-of Sale application. TFPOS is in a market where technology has been held back and profits are soaring; the Floral Industry. TFPOS has been built just for florists, and generic POS systems do not meet the unique and specific needs of a flower shop Point-of-Sale. There are six programs on the market that are custom made for the floral industry. Of the six, four are still using a DOS based system to take orders. The Founder of TFPOS, Timothy Bell, worked for one of these competitors for four years. He saw firsthand how the floral industry was starving for an Easy-to-Use, POS system that would be built with future growth and technology in mind. By using the Microsoft .NET platform with the most robust database backend on the market (MYSQL), he has designed a state of the art system that caters to the florists needs, and is compatible with the latest in technologies including Voice-over-IP, RSS Feeds, messaging and many others not possible with any other system. TFPOS is currently installed in four locations in the US (Chicago, California, Florida & Boston) with no marketing. TFPOS has been gaining considerable exposure through top search rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN for its primary keywords ("Floral Point of Sale Application" or "Floral Point of Sale Program"); and software demonstrations are being requested daily.

TPOS has generated partnerships with key "Wire Services", Floral Source, Flowershop Network & 1800-Flowers, which has already furthered the company's exposure in the market. The combined customer list (flower shops) of these wire services is well over 30,000. TFPOS has already been included on their websites OR for POS Systems.

The Floral POS, LLC is seeking investment of at least $300,000 to fund an aggressive sales growth model, infrastructure, as well as development time.


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