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AirSys Technologies LLC

Feb. 9th, 2011 : Michael J. Burns, President

AirSys Technologies, LLC is the leading innovator in air safety technology solutions and portable air safety systems. The company's AirIso product line provides capture, contain and neutralize air safety solutions for long term medical treatment, emergency medical facility, disaster response and surge capacity applications. These highly portable systems capture, contain and neutralize airborne contaminants and surface resident agents, such as Avian Flu, anthrax, H1N1, SARS, TB strains and other biohazards. The AirIso product line meets or exceeds all relevant FDA, CDC, OSHA and HRSA standards and guidelines for airborne infection control. AirSys Technologies has design capabilities to address commercial facility and hospitality requirements.

AirSys provides the AirIso product line throughout the world through a combination of distribution and direct sales relationships. With current concerns of bio-terrorism, infectious outbreak, third world pandemics and new viral and pathogen strain discovery, the AirIso technology captures, contains and neutralizes existing and newly discovered threats to patient and population safety.

Theodore Arts, co-owner, obtained the U.S. Patent for "Portable Isolation Device and Method". This technology provided for person/patient isolation and methodology for air filtering and eradicating biological contaminants. Three additional patents were obtained by Mr. Arts to encompass varying product applications "Integrated Air Processing Devices and Isolation Containment Systems Using Such Devices"; "Air Decontamination Devices"; "Safe Rooms and Other Such Spaces and Air Processing Systems for Such Safe Rooms and Spaces".

AirSys Technologies, LLC is seeking investment of at least $1,000,000 to fund an aggressive sales growth strategy, as well as corresponding infrastructure and related working capital requirements.


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