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Isoflux Incorporated

Sept. 22nd, 2010 : David Glocker, CEO & Candy Obourn, President

Isoflux builds equipment and develops processes for applying inorganic coatings to complex shapes. We sell products and services to a wide variety of customers for applications ranging from power transmission lines to cutting tools. A major focus of our business is the medical device industry and we have developed proprietary coatings for drug delivery that we intend to license to those customers.

Most coronary stents are coated with drug loaded polymers that prevent the reclosing, or restenosis, of arteries. These drug eluting stents have revolutionalized the treatment of heart disease and now represent a $4B annual market. Recently reports have indicated that the polymer coating that is left behind after the drug has been delivered can cause clotting. This has led device makers to seek non-polymeric drug delivery coatings. Several methods have been tried, but a persistent problem has been reliably loading a sufficient quantity of drug. Isoflux has developed and applied for patents on a unique porous coating that is able to hold the same quantities of drugs now used in current drug eluting stents. The coating is made from a biocompatible metal already in use in other implantable applications. A major device manufacturer is evaluating our coating for coronary stents and we have interest from startup companies in using it for treating diseases of the eye and as a means of locally delivering cancer drugs. We intend to develop the technology to the point that customers license it for their field of use and carry out the necessary clinical trials.

We are completing an $865,000 A Round of financing, of which $520,000 has been raised. The funds are being used to continue our testing of the loading and elution of drugs from our coatings and to support our licensing efforts.



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