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TimberFish, LLC (dba TimberFish Technologies)

June 9th, 2010 : Jere Northrop, CEO & Aaron Resnick, COO

TimberFish Technologies is an innovative biotechnology company specializing in nutrient separation and bioconversion, using forest byproducts and a microbial biomass to sustainably produce high quality seafood in an environmentally friendly system.

Since inception in 2008, TimberFish has developed its technology specifically for the $80 billon aquaculture fish production market (roughly half of the global seafood supply). Growing at over 7% per year, this is the fastest growing animal agriculture market segment.

While aquaculture is being called on to alleviate the pressure of overfishing our natural resources, it too is being met with a number of challenges, including high feed and energy costs, product quality and negative environmental impacts. The TimberFish technology addresses these issues by bioconverting forest byproducts, such as wood chips, into high quality fish feed which is not dependent on existing feed resources such as grains and fish meal. Energy can be produced from the partially degraded wood byproduct to run the fish raising system, and there is no harmful discharge of environmental pollutants.

TimberFish has recently partnered with a world renowned advanced aquaculture research facility located in West Virginia. This $23 million facility and its staff give TimberFish the ability to further validate the technology and develop scalable system models for large commercial operations. TimberFish expects to license its technology to land based re-circulating aquaculture facilities.

TimberFish seeks $500,000 in equity financing to fund startup operations, ongoing R&D, to fine-tune its licensing strategy and to identify pilot system partners.


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