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Clinical Insight Systems, Inc.

April 14th, 2010 : Larry Herb, President/CEO

Clinical Insight Systems, Inc. is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software company formed recently when it acquired the EMR product, Pronto, from the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC). Pronto was designed, developed, and has been in clinical use for the past decade; saving the URMC millions of dollars a year while providing better patient care. Pronto is also in use at other independent cardiology practices.

ProntoCardiology is a full featured EMR system. It combines the "best practice" workflows for all the sub-specialty areas of cardiovascular medicine with advanced decision support and expert systems tools to create the most efficient process possible whereby clinical care is made more efficient, billings are increased, and the quality of care is improved. ProntoExchange provides a means of interfacing the system with a variety of other healthcare systems including cardiac devices and equipment; such as Implantable Cardiac Devices, ultrasound equipment, and cath equipment from vendors like Medtronic, Boston Scientific, and GE.

Most EMR systems on the market today only mimic the paper based process and provide little in the way of specialized decision support capabilities. Pronto has the ability to manually or automatically capture and store procedural test results and examination findings down to its finest level of detail. Pronto uses this data to assist the physician in assessment, analysis and problem tracking.

Clinical Insight is seeking $1.5 in equity financing. Funding will be used to recruit and build the necessary sales, marketing, and product support infrastructure.


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