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InfoSurge, Inc.

Feb. 24th, 2010 : Eran Kabakov, CEO

Info-Surge is a self funded revenue stage company. Utilizing a proprietary web solution Info-Surge helps physicians prepare, educate, and support patients and their families before and after medical procedures. The company was founded by healthcare professionals to help bridge communication gaps they identified while practicing in the field.

Initial target is 20 market segments comprised of 400k practitioners who perform over 100M procedures a year. Potential revenue is $20M at year three. The company has been actively signing clients (~100) since 2008 in the bariatric and aesthetic surgery markets and surveys are showing the following results:

•Direct savings to clients of $25k/year with secondary saving of ~$50-100k/year

•Improved risk management

•High patient satisfaction (97% of >5000 patient satisfaction surveys)

•Enhanced response to clients' marketing initiatives

Info-Surge is searching for $250k-$500k Angel seed investment to bridge operation cost until A Round VC investment can be secured. Investment money will be used to penetrate 2-3 new market segments (53k potential practitioners), ramp up sales and marketing initiatives, and update technology.


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