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International Data Preservation, LLC dba InfoPreserve

Dec. 9th, 2009 : Eric Leinberg, CEO

InfoPreserveâ„¢ provides businesses, organizations, and government entities with the long term preservation of critical digital records in a SaaS environment. Preservation is neither backup nor archive, but an assurance that an authenticated version of critical documents, spreadsheets, images and more will be fully accessible now and for decades to come. InfoPreserve's patent protected Preservation Vaultâ„¢ solution overcomes the issues of media degradation, format obsolescence and content integrity with the creation of an immutable "preservation object" that is fully content indexed and immediately accessible online.

The Storage Network Industry Association's survey discloses that the top five factors driving preservation needs are 1) Meeting regulatory requirements. 2) Litigation protection. 3) Protection of business or IP assets. 4) Preservation of the organization's history. 5) Protection of customer information & records. Fines as high as $10M have been levied on companies failing to rapidly comply with discovery demands; the law requires that documents created digitally be delivered in digital format with all content and metadata intact.

Initial markets are law firms, CPA firms, financial management companies, local governments funded by NYS Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund grants and companies involved in clinical trials. The product is currently in Beta and opportunities in the pipeline are expected to begin closing in Q1 2010. Market validation resulted in 100% of potential channel partners going to next steps. Companies providing warehoused storage of paper records, conversion of paper documents to microfilm and digital data, e-discovery services and resellers of data storage solutions all see the service as a supplemental offering for their existing customers.

An experienced leadership team that includes serial entrepreneurs is complemented by the advice of initial investors from the document management and healthcare industries. The company seeks to raise $300K in Q1 2010.


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