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CAIL Technologies,Inc.

Sept. 16th, 2009 : Ron Thompson, CEO

The CAIL Application Performance Factory (CAIL APF) is a software platform that analyses information system events with predictive analytics capabilities for enhanced application performance. CAIL delivers real-time reports from performance data to drive down costs while improving predictability and better assuring application responsiveness for users. For Customers, CAIL simplifies the process of gathering information from many inputs (ie: sensor, probes, events, etc.) associated with applications to deliver the most actionable performance-based information to improve IT manageability, IT Governance and system responsiveness.


CAIL collaborates with EMC, the seventh largest software company in the world by integrating reporting on Smarts historical data into CAIL APF. This provides CAIL with a strong channel for marketing CAIL APF to Fortune 1000 companies. Importantly, CAIL already has Customers and an expanding sales pipeline thanks to EMC personnel introducing CAIL into accounts needing more sophisticated analytics and reporting to extend on Smarts capabilities. CAIL anticipates $1M in sales over the next year and $5M in sales expected in 3 years.


To build on this enterprise software business opportunity, the CAIL team includes experienced Management, Sales & Marketing, Product Development, Finance, Strategic Partnering, Professional Services and IT Technical Support. Further, having customers, ongoing new sales opportunities, over $1,000,000 already invested in the business -significant progress has been made to confirm need.

After the current investment of up to $2M and sales ramping, no further funding will be expected. Further, from an exit strategy perspective, an M & A is anticipated within 3 years.


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