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LifeCellDx, Inc.

June 10th, 2009 : Lani J. Burkman, founder; Jeffrey O. Dann, President; John M. Moran, Jr., EVP

LifeCell Dx, Inc. ("LCDX") uses proprietary methods and the power of the Internet to provide state-of-the-art male infertility testing to couples. The infertility market presents an outstanding opportunity with 10 million infertile couples in the U.S. and Canada, and one in five couples worldwide. Experts estimate that 15% of all younger couples will seek help in having a child --- this will include obtaining one or more semen analyses.

About half of all infertility is caused by sperm problems. Couples want to know if his sperm can produce a pregnancy. They want answers and options. The problems include lack of expert male infertility training in most laboratories, distance from the nearest andrology lab, and the fact that semen must be analyzed within 1-2 hours. Additionally, the standard, basic semen analysis offered at thousands of simple laboratories cannot predict whether the man's sperm could fertilize an egg.

Now, using simple, inexpensive equipment at a clinic or physician's office, LCDX can quickly analyze transmitted videos of sperm samples to provide a detailed fertility report to couples and physicians. The company's expert LCPredict™ report gives physicians and couples detailed information that is 90% reliable in predicting pregnancy potential. LifeCell Dx is the first business worldwide to offer advanced semen analysis using sperm video transmission through the Internet (e-fertility diagnostics). Both our "e-fertility diagnostic" approach and LCPredict™ test has been approved by the New York State Department of Health.

LifeCellDx is seeking $1 million of financing to fund the personnel, equipment and working capital required to expand service delivery.


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