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Oral Health Innovations

June 9th, 2009 : David Dugan, MD, DDS, Founder & Eric Cornavaca, Chief Executive Officer

Oral Health Innovations has invented a hands free automated tooth brushing system. This Class I medical device requires little or no dexterity, can be hands-free, is fun to use, is fast, and most importantly is effective.

This device will assist people with limited dexterity, in brushing their teeth. Individuals with arthritis, stroke, dementia, progressive neurological disease, or developmental disabilities often have a very difficult time brushing their teeth. As a result they suffer a higher rate of decay than the rest of the population. These individuals have limited access to care due to their disabilities, and lack of income at a time when they need it the most. In many instances, a family member or nurse's aid has to brush the teeth of the disabled person (a very difficult task).

OHI's business strategy has 2 components. The first is to go direct to the assistive living, nursing home market. The second is to seek partnership with major suppliers such as Proctor & Gamble, Phillips, and others, and establish licensing and/or distribution agreements to take this technology to the mass consumer markets. This will give OHI broad reach and aggressive penetration rates for this invention.

OHI filed a non provisional patent in May 2009 that allows us to protect and license our technology to valued partners. OHI is developing additional intellectual property, trade secrets, and process know-how around its core brushing technology. The present invention broadly comprises a tooth brushing system adapted to simultaneously clean a set of maxilla teeth or a set of mandible teeth.

The company is currently seeking $1.4 Million to complete R&D & Clinical Trials by early 2010 as well as funding of commercial launch activities. Market entry is expected around 2Q 2010. The Company has received $300K in private funds as well as $80K in public funds to date.


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