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Diffinity Genomics, Inc.

April 22nd, 2009 : Jeff Helfer, CEO

Diffinity Genomics, Inc.'s initial product is a high margin, single-use filtration pipette tip used for DNA purification. The benefits of Diffinity Genomics' product include improved sample quality, purification cycle time of less than 45 seconds (vs.10-30 minutes or more for competitors), significantly lower total procedure cost, ease of use and improved process reliability. Unlike existing DNA purification products, no centrifuge, magnetic extractor, vacuum manifold or addition of solvents or other reagents is required. This product is based on technology licensed from the University of Rochester as well as company-developed technology. This platform technology can be applied to the development of additional new products.

Approximately 660 million DNA purifications are performed annually worldwide, generating sales of approximately $400 million. Historical growth is in excess of 10% per year. Users include scientists and technicians in hospitals, biotech companies, clinical laboratories, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, forensic labs, academic institutions among others.

Diffinity Genomics' founders and managers have over 100 years of experience in scientific research, product development and manufacturing, new business development, finance, sales & marketing, program management and post-launch product support. They have successful track records launching new companies and bringing new life science products to market, resulting in billions of dollars in sales.

The company is seeking to raise the final $175,000 of a $500,000 round of angel funding. The proceeds will be used to finalize product design, initiate manufacturing, and launch sales and marketing within the next 9 months.


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