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Hyper Wall, LLC

April 22nd, 2009 : Dave Martens, Founder

HYPER Wall, LLC ("HW") has developed and is currently prototyping a new production technology that modifies existing wood frame wall panel manufacturing lines to produce HYPER Wall, an innovative, EPS foam core panel surpassing current fiberglass insulated walls in both performance and cost. HYPER Wall is the only product available that can provide R values ranging from R19 to over R30 at competitive costs. HW estimates that its R30 model can cut typical home heating and cooling cost by up to 30%, and by more than 50% when combined with energy saving windows and increased attic insulation. HW has applied for patent protection on the technology and the wall design.
HW will license its production technology to wall panel manufacturers, obtaining a royalty on each lineal foot of product sold. This technology has been designed to fit relatively seamlessly into almost any existing wall panel assembly line regardless of equipment type and level of automation. HW's primary role will be creating and supporting the marketing and brand management of HYPER Wall.
HW has begun prototyping with Rockett Lumber in Toronto, who is contributing facilities, goods and services in exchange for ownership in HW and licensing rights to southern Ontario. HW and Rockett expect to install panels in a new housing development in 2Q09. HW's goal is to develop and install processing equipment at Rockett within 6 months. HW already has 2 other manufacturers waiting to license its technology in PA and NY. As product gets into the local market, HW will seek to establish a number of additional presales to other manufacturers.
HW is seeking $800K - $1 million to fund the development of at least one fully operational assembly line and pre-sales to a number of additional licensees.


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