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Nexus iSR, LLC

Dec. 3rd, 2008 : Evhen Tupis, Vice President

Nexus iSR, headquartered in Rochester, NY, has established itself as a company that provides remote connectivity to information securely and reliably, anytime over any network. Nexus does this by manufacturing and providing industrial grade wireless communication products and solutions. The Company's flagship product, the Nexus Hawk™ has been in the marketplace since Q2 2007.

The company's 'anywhere, any time, any network' technologies serve a variety of sectors. The initial target market is public safety (police, ambulance, border patrol, etc.) with follow on markets of transportation (auto, bus and rail), construction (field offices, remote projects), finance/accounting firms (mobile auditing teams) and everyone who benefits from secure-and-assured connectivity, anywhere.

The Company is executing its business plan with an indirect channel marketing approach utilizing resellers and integrator partnerships. Nexus is currently serving the North American region, US and Canada, with an international geographic future.

The product line was born from technology developed by Phoenix Systems Corp (PSC), under a U.S. Defense Department prime contract. PSC is the research company which formed itself Nexus iSR, LLC.

With this market-mature flagship product (more products pending), and despite a lack of a formal sales and marketing staff, Nexus iSR has over $1 million in sales as of 11/2008 and is on-target to surpass $2 million in sales in 2009.

The company is seeking an initial and immediate raise of $825,000 for the purpose of establishing a formal sales and marketing team, provide working capital to fill existing and expected customer orders and bring additional related products to market.


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