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Sept. 23rd, 2008 : Mark Wagner, President

Sensorcon is a new manufacturer of electrochemical devices & related systems for environmental monitoring and clean energy applications. Products ready to manufacture include industrial quality electrochemical gas sensors that can offer a 50-80% cost savings vs. existing sensors, and Carbon Monoxide detectors that are nearly 50% smaller and 20-30% less expensive than existing consumer products. A product pipeline also exists for portable alcohol & toxic gas detectors, as well as electrochemical supercapacitors for electrical energy storage & delivery.

Addressable target markets are estimated at $1.7B, and are forecasted to grow to $2.6B in 5 years. Products capable of addressing nearly $800M of the present market are ready to be transferred to manufacturing. Due to growing global environmental and energy concerns, these markets are poised for even greater growth as costs are reduced.

Sensorcon's team has a diverse background, with experience in the development & manufacture of various electronics components & systems, batteries, and chemicals in the US and in Asia. These combined experiences have allowed Sensorcon to develop products with lower cost and improved performance by combining better materials, simpler designs, and unique manufacturing methods. The company is currently seeking $1M to setup pilot production of sensors & CO detectors, gain UL approval for consumer CO detectors, strengthen its IP position, and further the development and marketing efforts.


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