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SensiVida Medical Systems, Inc.

June 11th, 2008 : Kamal Sarbadhikari, CEO

SensiVida Medical Systems, a spin-off of Infotonics Technology Center, a NY State Center of Excellence, is a minimally invasive diagnostic device company. Their proprietary Micro-systems based technology automates bio-sensing and electronic data acquisition while minimizing patient discomfort. While the platform technology (9 patents filed) can address a number of disease state diagnostics - Allergy Testing, pain-free Glucose monitoring, blood Coagulation Testing, Cholesterol monitoring, and TB Testing - the Company's singular focus is to commercialize a digital Allergy Test that is pain-free and 2X as productive.

The US allergy test market is estimated to be $1.5B ($3.2B worldwide). In the US, 6 million skin prick/scratch tests are done each year, growing at 7% CAGR. These tests are manual, subjective and invasive, especially for children. The SensiVida test will improve the Allergists' profitability by 25% by improving cycle time by 2X and creating digital electronic medical records, eliminating today's subjective, time-consuming testing. Over time, SensiVida's allergy test will become available at US Retail Clinics as a screening test targeting the needs of 32M patients that are currently undiagnosed.

SensiVida's allergy testing system consists of (1) a disposable micro-lancet chip/cartridge that painlessly and rapidly administers the allergens, (2) a compact imaging module/digital imager (provided at no cost) that captures real-time allergic reactions and sends images to a computer and (3) user-friendly software that allows the user to monitor the allergic reaction. An e-record patient report is automatically created which can be printed or transmitted.

SensiVida seeks $800 K of equity funding needed to develop opto-electronic systems, algorithm and to conduct 100 patient clinical trials.


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