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Ceno Technologies, LLC

Dec. 13th, 2007 : Scottpatrick Sellitto, Co-Founder

Ceno Technologies is an exciting new venture which will specialize in the research, design and manufacture of coated microscopic cenospheres and other particles utilizing state of the art technology. The Company uses a proprietary process to coat hollow cenospheres and particles with a thin layer of silver and other alloys. An example of the benefit of these materials is that it allows the finished cenosphere to perform like silver in electrical conduction, possess infra-red and other EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) reflection/masking and simultaneously perform like a ceramic in thermal insulation, offering low cost, low maintenance and ease of use. When added to paints, adhesives, sealers, and resin composite materials at appropriate ratios, these materials can then provide electrical conductivity and shielding of electronic devices against Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) without the weight and cost of 'traditional' shielding materials.

The flagship product is Silver Coated Cenospheres which is used as a substitute for solid silver particles, dramatically decreasing cost and weight. Historically, stealth coatings used on military and hi-tech products were usually thick, heavy coatings of silver ball paint or similar paints. These paints were difficult and time consuming in application and required frequent maintenance. Ceno Technologies' silver coated cenospheres can be applied thinly in one lightweight application and require far less maintenance and are highly cost efficient. Recent increased use of lightweight composites in aircraft manufacture has revealed several new uses for silver coated cenospheres including lightning strike survival, radio frequency interference screening and stealth coatings. This advantage has made this new venture very attractive to military, hi-tech and other companies ranging from Fortune 100 entities to other technology groups worldwide who will purchase the Company's products upon commencement of production. Ceno Technologies has been contracted for long term production and R&D for a variety of classified BLACK projects for the Military and it partnering Defense Contractors with other projects currently in negotiations.

Ceno Technologies' founders have a combination of technical expertise and business experience selling to the defense and hi-tech industry. Ceno Technologies plans to commence phase 1 of manufacturing by late January and full scale production by June-July of 2008. The Company has identified its production facility and is seeking $600,000 to commence production and order fulfillment.


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