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RiverWright, LLC

April 18th, 2007 : Rick Smith III, Chairman

RiverWright, LLC was formed in the Spring of 2006 to build and operate a 110 million gallon per year ethanol plant in Buffalo, NY. The ethanol will be produced from 40 million bushels of corn feedstock and sold to blend with gasoline as an octane enhancer and fuel oxygenate. The by-product of Distillers Dried Grain Solubles (DDGS) will be sold to feedlots and dairies as a valuable protein feed supplement.

RiverWright, LLC Chairman Rick Smith III is President of Rigidized Metals, Inc., located adjacent to the new ethanol plant location. Co-founder and President Kevin Townsell will oversee construction and day-to-day operations of the plant. Development partners include design/build contractors KL Process Design Group, specializing in the refit of properties for ethanol production.

In April 2006, a site feasibility assessment was conducted by KL Process Design Group that validated the original founders' idea of developing the site for ethanol production. The property has the infrastructure and physical plant requirements to house ethanol process piping and equipment.

There are several factors related to the RiverWright business that will enable it to compete effectively in the fuel ethanol production industry. These include an existing plant infrastructure and grain storage, existing water and rail infrastructure into the plant property, ready-markets for ethanol into New York State, perfect project timing with an unprecedented demand for ethanol, the recent extension of the federal Small Producer Tax Credit, a strong bi-partisan national political support for ethanol, and a strong and dedicated project team.

The Company seeks to raise up to $20 million of equity as part of total financing of $89 million.


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