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Dynamic Eye, Inc.

Dec. 6th, 2006 : Christopher Mullin, CEO

Dynamic Eye, Inc., is revolutionizing the $6 billion worldwide sunglasses market by developing sunglasses that darken only in a small spot between the user's pupils and any glaring light source (such as the sun) in the field of view. The rest of the lens remains clear. The sunglasses react instantly, so it's like putting a hand up to block the glare, but with no effort. By dimming only what the wearer doesn't want to see, Dynamic Eye improves the vision of what the user does want to see. Furthermore, because the glasses only dim the glare, they can dim it far more than regular sunglasses, making the wearer's eyes more comfortable and better light adapted for the rest of the scene.

The sunglasses market serves as an excellent place to introduce a high technology product, because many consumers already pay high prices for their eyewear. Initial products will find a willing market at higher price points, and as manufacturing ramps up and costs come down, lower prices will capture the larger market.

Founded in 2003, Dynamic Eye has produced steadily improving prototypes that provide full functionality while running on watch batteries, and will be demonstrated during the presentation. This year, the Air Force awarded Dynamic Eye a two-year SBIR contract for a specialized version that is funding the company's current activities. Dynamic Eye plans to shock the Oakleys and Raybans of the world next summer with a consumer prototype based on high fashion frames.

Dynamic Eye has exclusive rights to three patents and is seeking $200,000 to support additional patent development and refine the consumer prototype.


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