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Central Xchange, Inc.

Sept. 13th, 2006 : Michael Doyle, President

Central Xchange is a technology-based service firm successfully blending web, telecom, and data base technologies together with our proprietary matching algorithms to automatically place the most qualified substitute into the school classroom. Unlike time consuming manual, or costly older systems, our service is faster, less expensive, and results in a better learning experience for students.

Each day, one in ten of this country's three million classrooms need a substitute teacher. Ninety percent of all substitutes are still called in one-at-a-time, 'by hand.' This antiquated method allows 30,000 teacher absences go unfilled every day. Our Substitute Teacher Management System, Sub - IT, enables districts to routinely place the most qualified substitute into the classroom where they can have the most impact.

Central Xchange built Sub-IT as a secure, password protected tool for teachers to record absences & match the "Best Qualified" substitute to the opening. The service integrates normal "phone call" functionality to allow teachers to record absences on an automated Interactive Voice Response unit (IVR) and for the IVR to automatically place calls to the "Best Qualified" Substitute. Full administration control and reporting is provided via standard Internet connections. Sub-IT also maintains a regional substitute database to augment each district's daily sub pool.

Our concept, software, methodology, technology framework, and go-to-market strategy have been carefully researched, developed, tested, refined, proven & sold! We have a production system that works, a growing sales team that knows how to sell it, and customers who will endorse its value enthusiastically. We are seeking $650,000 to grow and expand our business.


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