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Small Economies

Feb. 8th, 2006 : Edmund Kaczynski, Founder

Small Economies is a startup software company developing an online application platform to facilitate exchanges in small and relevant markets. Small Economies will leverage the rapid growth of the online classifieds market with a simplified, robust, and cutting-edge platform to create value for customers and users. The Small Economies approach to online classifieds provides users with fast and direct access to other users who share a common interest and location. Small Economies provides value by focusing advertising scope and eliminating the complexities of shipping and payment.

The company's founder (Edmund Kaczynski) has information technology management experience in both startup and mature companies, including experience in developing and implementing other online classified advertising systems. An early stage management team and advisory board 

are also in place.

Small Economies is seeking $250,000 to fund application platform development, marketing, and personnel. Small Economies is also seeking additional advisory board members with expertise in sales, technology, and marketing.


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