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Feb. 8th, 2006 : Mike Brennan, Founder

SuperGrouper is a startup company designing web-based programs and services for students to manage group projects within in a virtual setting. The business takes the concept of paper-based day planners and various group collaboration methods and adds computer technology to provide a service tailored to the needs of a college student enrolled in a school program that emphasizes team work.

The increased activities/assignments faced by today's students can create a situation that takes focus away from group goals and puts it on the process. Having a tool in place that will assist in the planning and time management component of group work will allow students to focus more attention on what is most important: the class lesson. SuperGrouper will provide students with tools to manage every step of the group process in a one stop shop.

The company's founder has extensive application development experience and is committed to launching the product over the next 6-12 months.

SuperGrouper is seeking $400,000 to fund the company's growth. The funds will provide the company with sufficient cash flow for development of the software as well as launching the business. These funds will provide adequate working capital until sufficient cash flow is achieved.


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