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Solar Sentry Corp.

Dec. 7th, 2005 : - Gordon Presher, CEO

Solar Sentry is a startup company developing a monitoring system that pinpoints operating problems in solar photovoltaic systems and report them over the internet for appropriate dispatch of service personnel.

Solar Sentry's unique approach monitors the power output of each solar panel using inexpensive wireless communications. It also monitors every wiring connection in the system and can identify the type and location of virtually any operating problem, including fully or partially defective solar panels, disconnected or broken wires, panel shading problems, soiled solar panels, blown fuses, defective blocking diodes and defective inverters. When a dispatched technician arrives at the reported problem location, he or she receives visual confirmation from LED indicators on the equipment, simplifying maintenance.

Solar Sentry's low price is recovered by its ability to reduce installation labor, resulting in a system that has higher initial quality and built-in diagnostics yet costs the same. Once installed, Solar Sentry's products and services protect the customer's solar investment for the expected 30 year life of the installation. 

The Company's founders have senior management experience in both startup and mature companies. The former CEO and former CTO of BP Solar serve on Solar Sentry's Board of Advisors.

Solar Sentry is seeking $900,000 to further develop its product line, complete patenting, install a beta system and develop relationships with solar electric system installers.


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