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SVS Video Systems, Inc.

Sept. 14th, 2005 : Michael Rodems, President

Sound Video Solutions, Inc., is an audio visual contracting company that has developed and launched the SVS 300 line of portable AV systems targeted for use in the educational and corporate markets. The product line is manufactured by Sound Video Systems, Inc. a newly-formed spinoff under substantially common ownership. The SVS 300 line offers the reliability, security and functionality of permanently installed audio visual systems at a fraction of the cost, while offering the advantages of flexibility of scheduling, elimination of installation issues and convenient serviceability. A patent application has been filed for this unique projector mounting apparatus.

Since the product's launch in early 2004, SVS 300 product sales have exceeded $750,000 using a part-time sales and marketing effort. More than 80% of the demos have resulted in orders for systems and most purchasers have bought additional systems or have indicated that they plan to do so. SVS has received a four-year procurement contract with New York State that facilitates sales to educational institutions and is negotiating similar contracts with other states and a nationwide purchasing group for Catholic schools. SVS is also recently begun selling through a national distributor and is in discussions with dealers in other areas of the U.S.

Mr Rodems has extensive experience and has served as CEO, COO and CFO in several manufacturing, contracting and distribution operations. He is supported by a staff of 18 people. 

SVS is seeking to raise $250,000 to fund the company's growth. These funds will supplement an initial capital contribution of $50,000 and a recent $25,000 loan from the ECIDA. Investors will receive shares of Sound Video Systems.


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