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Auction Cruncher, LLC

June 8th, 2005 : Alan Zdon, President

Auction Cruncher LLC was the winner of the University at Buffalo's Panasci Business Plan contest in 2005. The company is a start-up that intends to become the leading provider of consumer product pricing information in the online retail market, with an initial concentration on the eBay market. Auction Cruncher will market eBay's historical closed auction information directed to approximately 136 million registered users of, the world's largest online auction site. The idea: eliminating the guesswork that often goes into calculating the actual fair market value of consumer goods. With auctions closing every second on the site, eBay can provide real-time market information where none previously existed. will provide auction buyers and sellers with customizable product pricing tools that will allow them to make educated purchases and smarter selling decisions. These tools include, but are not limited to; average selling price, price range, sell through rates, product life cycle, trend analysis and selling recommendations. Historical closed auction data will be given for all retail goods broken down by manufacturer, model number and condition (new, used, or refurbished). 

BiddingBuddy is a groundbreaking innovative software package designed specifically for eBay auction buyers who are looking for streamlined historical product pricing information. This software program will allow customers the ability to view average selling price and price range information while surfing active eBay auctions. BiddingBuddy allows users to instantly make smarter bidding decisions without any research, thus saving users both time and money. 

The company is currently seeking investor capital of $400,000, which will fund our three separate stages of development. $165,000 is needed for the first stage. These funds would provide the company with sufficient cash flow for development of the software and website. $110,000 is needed for the second stage. These funds would provide the company with sufficient cash flow to purchase eBay's Data Licensing Agreement, further development and launch of the business model outlined in our business plan. $125,000 is needed for the third stage. These funds would provide the company with adequate working capital until sufficient cash flow is achieved. Overall, development time is expected to be 9-12 months.


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