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Cerebral Assessment Sytems, LLC

April 13th, 2005 : Robert Ruppenthal, CEO

Cerebral Assessment Systems, Inc. (CAS) is a clinical research organization and medical evaluation service. The initial focus of the Company's CRO activities is on the assessment of drug efficacy for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease based on data gathered at doctor's offices, multi-practice clinics, and hospitals using the Company's proprietary Cerebral Assessment Technology. Revenue will be derived from pharmaceutical company contracts for evaluating new drugs. CAS's approach to assessing and monitoring patients is a significant advancement over current methods and a patent has been awarded to the University of Rochester for these unique techniques. CAS is the exclusive licensee of that patent. This patented methodology results in faster data collection and objective analysis of disease progression. Clinical trials utilizing the CAS approach will yield more reliable results, faster and at substantially less cost than current methods. In short, CAS is commercializing the next generation of cognitive assessment tools.

Over 4.5 million Americans have Alzheimer's disease (AD). Population growth and longer life expectancy is significantly increasing the number of Americans over 65. As a result, the prevalence of AD will more than triple by 2050. The financial impact of AD is already at a critical stage, costing government $100B and business $37B annually. The pharmaceutical industry is focusing on new treatments for AD. They have created a robust pipeline with nearly 400 drugs now at various stages of development. CAS believes that the current method by which the pharmaceutical industry evaluates the effectiveness of new drugs is inefficient, crude and unnecessarily expensive. CAS has developed a better solution. 

CAS's technology is directly scalable to broader markets each with increasing revenue potential. Beginning in Phase II (beginning in year 3), additional revenues will derive from patient monitoring services at clinical sites. In Phase III (beginning in year 6), CAS will extend its activities into early detection of Alzheimer's where every adult could potentially benefit from CAS's technology.

The Company is seeking initial funding of $750k for the first six months of operation. An additional $500k will be sought to support commercial validation studies in the second six months. Another $1-2M will be raised in the second year to fund the creation of CAS server headquarters and to deploy client CAS CABs at clinical care sites.


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