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Harvest Precision Components, Inc.

Feb. 16th. 2005 : Richard McPhillips, President

Harvest Precision Components, Inc. is a pre-revenue WNY manufacturing company, formed in 2002, for production of small, tight-tolerance, precision ceramic components, offering significant, long term product advantages and superior customer economics. These features, easily understood by customers, are combined with resistance to wear, corrosion and oxidation, for sale into bio-medical and other high-value applications. This patent / trade secret protected material and manufacturing technology, has been proven in multiple trials. Mutually-advantageous relationships have been solidified with 2 world class suppliers of sophisticated capital equipment, involved in the production of these products. Sales into selected, advanced technology markets are planned through segment leaders, with proven, well-established distribution channels. FDA filings have already been accomplished and relationships have been established with the FDA, NIH, and a prestigious medical institution.

Markets for specific, individual components have been identified and developed in semiconductor capillaries (~$1 billion), precision surgical devices (>$1.0 Billion), and DNA analytical tools ($150 million) market segments, as introductory targeted products, replacing competitive products precision machined from gem-quality diamond and other expensive ceramic and metal-based materials. Component designs have been established and are in the process of being presented to selected customers for developmental purchase orders.

The company is raising $500,000 through the sale of convertible debt/equity, for financing the production of qualification samples, produced through subcontractors, to be delivered to these customers, and for staffing the initial phase of the 5-year (>$100 million Sales, >90% GM) business plan. Very attractive returns (>200% IRR) for investors are projected by virtue of the high gross margins anticipated for these very specialized, and defendable components. Traditional exit strategies are augmented by the anticipated sale of exclusive turnkey, controlled-royalty, manufacturing licenses to individual market segment leaders, while retaining the core technology and value of the company.


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