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ENrG Incorporated

Feb. 16th, 2005 : John Olenick, President

ENrG Incorporated (ENrG) is a fuel cell engineering and manufacturing company located in an Economic Development Zone at the Buffalo Free Trade Center. ENrG works with OEMs to design and manufacture ceramic components and stacks required for the commercialization of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) systems. The eight principals are an experienced, established, customer-focused team having worked together since 2000; initially for Tyco International where the team developed and manufactured fuel cell components for the Department of Energy's SOFC program. ENrG has collaborative partnerships and contracts with Corning Inc., Ferro Corporation, GenCell Corporation, SenCer Inc. and Refractron Inc.

For OEMs to achieve market entry costs for their fuel cell systems, it is a requirement that the SOFC stack meet cost and performance targets. ENrG's experience in developing and producing SOFC components in areas greatly exceeding industry standards, along with ENrG's prior experience in ceramics, metals, multi-layer ceramic processing puts ENrG in prime position to work with strategic partners to resolve technical issues and introduce ceramic cell components into this market. 

ENrG's strategy is to leverage private capital with government grant opportunities to achieve large area ceramic technology developments and manufacturing capability leading to commercial products. ENrG plans to introduce fuel cell components in 2005 and subsequent stack assemblies starting in 2008. In support of this strategy, ENrG in 2003 was granted two NYSERDA grants of $600,000 for the development of ultra-thin ceramic membrane manufacturing capability and a feasibility study to produce a ceramic fuel cell stack using a unique flow field supported design. In July of 2004, ENrG was awarded $500,000 in NYSERDA funding to develop and implement large area ceramic membrane manufacturing capability and in October 2004 was awarded a $3.3 MM National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) ATP grant on the same subject. ENrG is currently seeking to raise its second round of financing of a minimum of $1,000,000.


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