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Dec. 1st, 2004 : Jeffrey L. Helfer, CE

MYOTECH, LLC intends to commercialize a minimally invasive next-generation Ventricular Assist Device ("VAD"), called the MYOTECH MYO-VAD. The MYO-VAD is a flexible polymer cup that can be installed around the heart in approximately 3 minutes. Incorporating a pneumatically activated liner, the MYO-VAD operates by compressing and expanding bi-directionally, providing the energy that allows the heart to restore the input and output of blood to life sustaining levels. Following years of research, MYOTECH's Founders have proved in medical studies that their technology works and is ready for commercialization. Prototype devices have been installed in over 700 animals and more than 60 humans. The MYOTECH MYO-VAD avoids stroke, bleeding, and infection complications common to all mechanical blood pumps, the only cardiac assist devices currently available.

The Company has developed a substantial intellectual property portfolio to protect current and future applications of its technologies. MYOTECH is setting up the manufacturing of the MYO-VAD, and is preparing for clinical studies to obtain regulatory approval for using the product to provide the short term support required to treat multiple forms of heart disease. In parallel with these activities, MYOTECH has initiated partnerships to develop the additional diagnostic, therapeutic, and operational capabilities required for the MYO-VAD to participate in follow-on market segments requiring longer term support. CEO, Jeffrey Helfer, has assembled an experienced medical product commercialization team. The Team has proven, industry track records with Johnson and Johnson and Eastman Kodak involving Class II and III medical flagship products that have achieved significant commercial success. The Company is currently seeking to raise $1.5 million of funding from angel investors.


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