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ShoptoCook, Inc.

June 9th, 2004

ShoptoCook, Inc., founded in 2001, provides food retailers an interactive recipe and coupon center located in the meat and seafood aisle. 70% of consumers do not know what they are having for dinner at 4PM and 68% of food purchased is based on impulse. ShoptoCook provides shoppers with branded meal solution ideas and promotions at the most influential point of the decision making process; in the meat and seafood aisle.

ShoptoCook's recipe center kiosks are installed in twenty five supermarkets in New York, PA, OH & NC with thirteen additional units contracted for installation during next two quarters. Customers include two divisions of AholdUSA - the nation's 7th largest food retailer with 1700 stores, and Food Lion/Bloom, a division of Delhaize America, the nations 11th largest retailer with 1500 stores. Retailers pay ShoptoCook a monthly service fee for hardware, software, daily reporting and content management services. Negotiations are underway with Giant Food Stores for 200 additional stores rolling out in Q4 2004. 

Self service kiosks represent a new multimedia marketing channel for the nation's retail food stores. Manufacturers currently spend $11 billion trying to build brand awareness through newspaper coupons, magazines and television ads. Self service kiosks offer an efficient, cost effective alternative for influencing consumers at the point of decision making. ShoptoCook's patent applied for application and computer based kiosk network represents the first step towards creation of a content distribution network providing shoppers in produce, deli, seafood and meat with recipe ideas and promotions at point of decision making. 

ShoptoCook is seeking $285,000 in investor funding to meet current market demand and expand its sales and marketing effort and technology infrastructure. 


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