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Logical Images, Inc.

Feb. 18th, 2004 : Michael O'Connor, President

Logical Images, Inc. is a Rochester, NY, medical informatics company with core expertise in the development of comprehensive point-of-care diagnostic software focused on the visually diagnosable areas of medicine. Logical Images' patent-pending diagnostic system, VisualDx®, began development in 1995 and was first commercially licensed in March, 2001. The company's development team is composed of leading physicians, computer software engineers, graphic artists, database and lexical experts.

VisualDx currently offers nine modules written by recognized experts in their field. Two to three new modules are added each year. The system covers over 300 diseases, which are illustrated by over 8,000 high-resolution digital images, sorted and presented on the screen based on the input and observations of the clinician. Included in VisualDx is a Bioterrorism Recognition module, of significant interest to public health officials and others responsible for Bioterrorism preparedness and training. VisualDx can be installed on a desktop or laptop computer or can be accessed over the internet. Decision-support software such as VisualDx will be the core of Electronic Medical Records systems as they become more widely used.

Current customers include US ARMY, CDC, multiple State and County public health agencies, ER's (10% of all ERs in NYS), health care institutions, residency programs and pharmaceutical companies. A consumer version of our software is under consideration in response to interest expressed by health insurers and pharmacy companies. 2003 sales were $1M and are projected to reach $ 5 M in 2004. Additional funding of $500,000 is being sought to further develop consumer and paraprofessional markets and develop a suite of training products.


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