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FP Technologies, Inc.

June 11th, 2003

FP Technologies has developed and sells VIGILANCEā„¢ Safe Indoor Air System. The system, based on Ultra Violet Light and High Efficiency Filtration, can be installed in any forced air system, where it will protect the building from the distribution of naturally occurring organisms or biological, chemical or radioactive warfare agents. Systems are currently operating both in public and private buildings.

Target areas for marketing and sales have been identified, both within the private and public sector, such as high profile buildings, cruise line ships, casinos, sports arenas, clean room and food manufacturing facilities. The estimated market potential is estimated to exceed $20 billion.

Extensive development and marketing activities during 2002 and 2003 have opened a number of quickly developing projects in areas above. A contract with the General Services Administration (GSA) established FP Technologies as the sole supplier of air safety systems to the Federal Government and related organizations. Projects are currently in progress with several New York State Counties, United Nations and the Federal Reserve.

To fully capitalize on the rapidly increasing interest for VIGILANCEā„¢ Indoor Air Safety System, FP Technologies needs to increase its marketing and sales capacity as well as its capacity for design and assembly of systems. The Company is looking for investments up to $3 million.


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