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Lateral Eye, Inc.

June 11th, 2003

Lateral Eye develops innovative manufacturing knowledge mapping and discovery software for product development and quality engineering that automatically converts geometric feature in a CAD model into manufacturing strategies. Designers and manufacturing engineers can instantly see the effect of design features that they add or modify in a part and carry out accurate cost, six sigma and resource requirement analysis in real-time and predict their implications during the later stages of manufacturing.

Lateral Eyes' solution is mathematically more advanced than current commercially available CAD- CAM solutions, yet remains compatible with standard solid modeling software such as UNIGRAPHICS, CATIA and SOLIDWORKS. Our customers can see immediate return on their investment in the form of lower product development costs and improved downstream quality. Target customers include discrete manufacturing companies (Aerospace, Automobile etc) and machine tool companies. Other potential OEM customers are CAD software vendors. Based on recent research, the manufacturing knowledge engineering and discovery segment is expected to grow to $1.6 Billion by the year 2006.

Lateral Eye has just completed limited release beta testing successfully and is ready to aggressively implement sales and marketing initiatives over the next twelve months. The company is seeking up to $500,000 to fund channel sales and partnerships, and continue development of the product. 


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