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Beautiful Lawns & Gardens, LLC

April 9th, 2003

Beautiful Lawns & Gardens, LLC has been formed to manufacture and sell the "Fertiflo Residential Fertigation System".  The "FertiFlo System" addresses a large segment of the rapidly expanding 30 billion dollar Lawn and Garden Industry.  Fertigation technology combines the activities of fertilization and irrigation into one, time saving, cost effective and environmentally superior activity relative to current technologies.  Fertigation technology is prevalent in the Agriculture, Golf Course and Nursery industries but remains largely unknown to the residential market. 

Revenue streams result from the sale of the delivery system and more importantly from sales of our proprietary fertigation grade liquid fertilizer that will be generally consumed, continuously replenished by system users and targeted to compete specifically with #1 brand Miracle Gro and all other traditional fertilization products and methods. 

The "FertiFlo System" will be marketed initially via nationwide Infomercial advertising to generate widespread consumer brand awareness and substantial profits.  This Direct Response marketing campaign will be augmented by an aggressive summer 2003 initiative to achieve product placement into national retail sales channels (Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe's etc.) as well as all other Lawn and Garden products retail and wholesale sales channels.

Final Engineering for mass production molds is nearing completion. Infomercial filming will be completed March 22.  The "FertiFlo System" is on schedule for product launch in early May, 2003.  The Company has raised over $350,000 funding substantial progress towards an aggressive multi faceted marketing plan in place. We are immediately seeking an additional $650,000 to complete the mission.

ROI multiples of 20:1 are reasonably achieved and Exit strategy multiples of 40:1 are possible


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