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VirtualScopics, LLC

Jan. 29th, 2003

VirtualScopics, LLC is a provider of advanced image-based biomarker analytic technology and services to leading pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer and Amgen.  The company's technology significantly accelerates the development and testing of compounds.  Headquartered in Rochester, NY, the imaging capital of the world, VirtualScopics builds upon over ten years of imaging and digital signal processing research. VirtualScopics' proprietary software algorithms can assemble hundreds of separate medical images taken during an MRI session into a single, three-dimensional model. This 3D model can be mined with advanced image-processing technology to segment subcomponent structures, for example isolating bone from tissue objects, and to precisely quantify position, shape, and volume of subtle and minute structures in response to drug therapy. Key shareholders and partners for VirtualScopics include GE Medical Systems, Pfizer, Anderson Orthopaedic Research Institute and the University of Rochester.

VirtualScopics is seeking $500K to $1 million in additional funding.  The funds are to be used for the expansion of the sales force as well as for further development of the company's diagnostic products offering.


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