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Brilliant Optical Networks

Jan. 29th, 2003

Brilliant Optical Networks is commercializing an emerging method of communications networking that simplifies and radically cost reduces today's multiple-layer networks into a single multiple-service network. The Company's initial focus is to provide patent protected processor and software components to incumbent manufacturers of internet routers, telecommunications switches and military mixed signal communications systems - an approximately $4B component market. 

Brilliant's approach, Labeled Optical Burst Switching (LOBS), captures the cost benefits of all optical networks while maintaining the backwards compatibility and intelligence of electronic networks.  LOBS allows an equipment manufacturer to eliminate >90% of the internal cost of manufacturing a high performance internet router with similar savings accruing to other equipment manufacturers.  Service providers who adopt LOBS greatly improve operating expenses, return on invested capital and new services revenue opportunities without penalty to reliability and service level guarantees.

Brilliant has developed nine domestic and PCT patents pending and a proprietary network simulator and is in evaluation discussions with selected equipment manufacturers and service providers.  Brilliant's close-knit management team includes a globally recognized authority on high speed and wireless networks, an experienced cross-functional technology executive, and former executive officers of both AT&T and Lucent.  The Company seeks to raise $1 million of equity to be used to complete patent filings and support joint network evaluation projects with these equipment manufacturers and network service providers.


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