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Synctomi Software

Sept. 17th, 2002

Synctomi Software manages access to enterprise applications via a web browser, while "securing" communications via a patent pending method of data exchange called "Session Management". Implementation of Synctomi provides immediate cost savings using it's streamlined Administration (Access) Manager module and Network Security via reduction of exposure to online intruders (hackers). The market for Synctomi is Fortune 1000 customers, beginning with Banking and Healthcare.

Synctomi is shipping product NOW and owns the proprietary rights to 4 million lines of code. Synctomi's software is sold via site license and bundled license, yielding recurring revenues. The Company has business alliance partners in place and will soon announce a significant joint marketing alliance with a major New York based international software company, and Western New York Computer Solutions. This alliance provides for the "bundling" of Synctomi Session management, with the partner company security solutions, and will be presented via a 6-city road show of executive briefings beginning in October.

Synctomi is looking for $3 million Series A for market channel development. The Company seeks a lead investor who can help leverage the company's position and sales and three investors who are software savvy.


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