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Clearwire Equipment, LLC

April 17th, 2002

Clearwire Equipment provides fixed wireless network equipment for broadband connectivity within a metropolitan area for applications such as high speed Internet access, lottery, university and other data services. Clearwire's products offer high speed, high reliability and cost-effective broadband service. The high Quality-of-Service (QoS) included in the Company's products enables network operators to offer carrier class service making them a cost-effective alternative to DSL, ISDN, and T-1. Clearwire is one of the industry leaders in designing and deploying wireless metropolitan area point-to-multipoint networks based on its deployment experience and its leadership in Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology. The Company's technology enables connectivity over long distances in non line-of-sight conditions. Clearwire's products have a higher capacity and are less expensive to deploy than competitive systems. Clearwire's first generation product, which operates in the 2.4 GHz license-exempt band, was launched in November 1998 for high speed Internet access applications. Clearwire is currently working with carriers to offer its wireless technology for the 2.5 GHz MMDS/ITFS license band.

Clearwire generated revenue of $4.6 million in 2001 from installation of fixed wireless networks for Internet access and lottery. Industry analysts predict a growing worldwide market that will exceed $1 billion by 2006. Clearwire Equipment is seeking $2 million of equity investment to increase its marketing effort and to complete development of its lower cost, increased capability and multiple frequency second generation product.


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