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PakHound, Inc.

April 17th, 2002

PakHound primarily provides high volume, small package shippers with a web-based service to track and obtain refunds on delayed shipments. Major parcel carriers (UPS and FedEx) guarantee on-time delivery or a full refund. PakHound's proprietary technology monitors customer shipments, identifies parcels that are not delivered within the carriers' guaranteed delivery times and requests refunds on behalf of its clients. PakHound receives a percentage of the savings from its client. PakHound is targeting a significant market - the $7 million a day in refunds that go unclaimed - and PakHound has saved clients over $1.25 million in the past six months. PakHound's software uses a patent-pending methodology that allows it to track packages more effectively and process higher volumes of data faster than existing methods. In internal tests, PakHound's product has identified twice the amount of late deliveries compared to other entrants in the field. The Company's management team has significant business development, sales, technology and operations experience with major companies, including UPS. PakHound is seeking $500,000 of equity investment to fund working capital to grow the company. 


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