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Student Voice (formerly TRIAD College Market Research Group)

Feb. 14th, 2001

Student Voice was created in 1999 to gather consumer research exclusively from college students while utilizing emerging technology to obtain the most accurate, efficient results for the company's clients. Utilizing handheld technology and teams of on-campus representatives, TRIAD will provide up-to-the-minute information about the trends and thoughts motivating the college market. TRIAD plans to penetrate the $6 billion market for consumer research services by (i) utilizing emerging technology for efficient data collection and real-time reporting, (ii) forming an unmatched network of college representatives on campuses across the country, (iii) and providing clients with custom, proprietary options for the most accurate market research and analysis available.

TRIAD's team has career experience in the networked market research industry, which led them to identify industry voids, especially in an age demographic that spends over $100 billion annually. TRIAD seeks to raise $500,000 of equity to be used to fund proprietary software development and to expand the company's network of campus representatives.


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