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Precision Scientific Instruments, Inc.

June 13th, 2012 : Gerry Murak, President & CEO

On an annual basis, over $10 Billion is spent globally to research nano materials used in semi-conductors, medical applications, etc. Now and in the future, the key for all manufacturers is to make things smaller, lighter & less expensively while conserving natural resources.

Precision Scientific Instruments, Inc. (PSI) is a high-tech manufacturer with proven sub-nano research equipment that has the capability of measurements 50 times smaller than the best atomic force microscopes. PSI has the tool that can unlock the potential of nano materials & revolutionary products; such as, increasing the density of data storage by more than 100 times!

PSI's system has already revealed a breakthrough regarding the strength of a single atom of gold. Published research on this topic, by our three University at Buffalo inventors, has already received international acclaim by leading scientists and federal agencies.

Precision Scientific Instruments, Inc. has the exclusive licensing agreement for this invention with SUNY at Buffalo. PSI also has patents pending in 45 countries. 

In 5 years, PSI is conservatively estimating $23 Million in academic and commercial sales with $6 Million EBITDA. We are seeking $150,000 to achieve our next milestone of product development to have six betas in the hands of six of the world's leading metrology scientists prior to the 2013 international trade shows.

"Miniature is about to get significantly smaller."


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