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New Attitude Inc.

November 12th, 2012 : Irene Healey, CEO

New Attitude has developed a superior novel external breast prosthesis that comfortably restores the appearance of women after a mastectomy. Every year, tens of thousands of women in North America have a breast removed because of cancer and the majority of women choose to use an external breast prosthesis. Women today are still offered premade, ill fitting, heavy, uncomfortable prostheses that do not restore symmetry. New Attitude has developed a comfortable, customized breast prosthesis. Using new 3D imaging technology, proprietary biomimetic materials and a proprietary additive manufacturing process, New Attitude provides superior customized prostheses to a mass market.

The company CEO has over twenty years of experience creating lifelike facial and body prostheses for cancer patients and expert clinical technical and research skills. The VP & CFO is the former president of a public company with over $100 million sales and 30 years of management experience.

New Attitude has a tested successful product and is generating sales. The Company seeks $150,000 to automate production and expand sales through a network of Orthotic and Prosthetic clinical outlets that scan client's anatomy and send digital information to New Attitude.


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