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TouchStream Solutions, LLC

September 18, 2013: Joel Benzel, CEO

TouchStream is a homecare solution that helps seniors achieve greater independence and gives their families peace of mind.  The service connects seniors with family, friends, or other caregivers through a tablet-like appliance called the TouchStream Companion.  The Companion enables seniors to participate in their family's lives through video chat, photo sharing or other forms of social media.   It also provides medication tracking and reminders, helps manage chronic diseases, and creates a safer living environment by detecting problems and alerting family members, or summoning help quickly during emergencies. TouchStream empowers caregivers with the tools they need to help their loved-one stay safe, healthy, and socially engaged at home.


The company is raising $1 million to support the commercial launch of the service, including hiring and training sales and customer service staff and expanding the product development team.  Visit .



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