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The Worldwide App, Inc.

November 13, 2013: Crystal Callahan, Founder & President

Worldwide App, Inc. released a first of its kind mobile movie game that
innovates the way new talent is discovered in the film business. Worldwide
presents a mobile app platform for rising local filmmakers to be sent to
Hollywood by popular demand for exclusive meetings with leading industry

     The Worldwide Mobile Movie Theaterâ„¢
app is free to download and watch previews inside. Fans can purchase a ticket
to screen award-winning independent short film campaigns, and vote (Thumbs-Up!)
for their favorite filmmaker to be crowned King or Queen of indie-Hollywood -
all through a smart device. Yearly, a curated number of talented filmmakers
have a signature opportunity to monetize their content and aggregate their fans
in a global marketplace.

     Viewers are installing the beta app
and purchasing mobile movie tickets daily, and Worldwide is accruing revenue
even prior to a formal publicity/marketing campaign. Available now for iPhone,
iPad, Android.

     The company is headquartered in
Western New York as an affiliate of Z80 Labs and the SUNY Fredonia Technology
Incubator, and has team members based in Los Angeles. Callahan returns home as
a Buffalo native who worked in Intellectual Property Law (Silicon Valley)
before working in Film Sales and Marketing (Hollywood) as an independent
feature film distributor (home entertainment and theatrical).

     The company is raising $500,000 to
implement marketing, grow sales, and scale. Visit


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