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Lithos Robotics Corporation

January 15, 2014: Allen Mann, Founder & President

     Lithos Robotics Corporation makes tactical mobile robots and secure, rugged video/data sharing equipment that special ops personnel (police, military) use to increase their safety and efficiency in highly dangerous scenarios: hostage rescue, counter-terror, high risk arrests/warrants, VBIEDs, and suicide bombers. The total size of this market is approximately $443 Million.

     Lithos Robotics sells hardware with accompanying software both directly to customers and by teaming with tactical vehicle manufacturers.  The company's products are incrementally upgradeable to be affordable for customers with a variety of need and budget.  Emphasis on upgradeability allows Lithos to lock in customers for future purchases.  The average gross margin for products is 70%, achieved by minimizing the cost of hardware in the systems and moving functions to software.  Lithos Robotics has approximately 100 customers and has earned an outstanding reputation in the industry. Visit the company at

     Development of products has been completed and the company is now starting to expand advertising and trade show attendance to gain control of the market.  A near term objective is selling to the FBI which would give Lithos an effective monopoly in the US law enforcement market.  The company seeks to raise $350k to support increased marketing and sales activities.


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