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Green Heat Solutions, LLC

May 14, 2014: Troy Brahaspat, CEO

     Green Heat Solutions, LLC (GHS) develops, manufactures, and markets safe and environmentally friendly flameless self-heating technologies. The company's technology is patented and was funded by the Department of Defense through SBIR Phase I & Phase II funding to develop a solution to the existing hazardous heaters available for military use. GHS is a Buffalo based company with a breakthrough approach to heating meals and beverages on the go. This technology is more effective and safer than any other self-heating products in today's very limited market. Unlike the other products, GHS's heaters are not regulated by the Department of Transportation as a hazardous material, allowing GHS to penetrate the domestic and international general consumer markets. The company can package and integrate its meal heaters into any customizable form to meet the heating requirement of any prepackaged meal or last night's leftovers.

     GHS's flameless heater material is entirely green, non-toxic and occurs naturally as earth minerals. The capacity to produce heat without the use of an electrical device or from a flame leads to convenience, no greenhouse gas, and a novel approach for consumers to heat a meal or beverage. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way the everyday and outdoor consumers think when it comes to heating a meal. Having the technology patented and expertise ready to move from small scale to large scale manufacturing and production, GHS's next step is to scale up production and get the technology into every consumer's hand whether they are outdoor enthusiasts, the general consumer, disaster preppers, and/or meeting the price point and demand for the US and foreign NATO sanctioned militaries. Visit to view the first generation of self-heating to go containers and more information.


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